Waiter Pad Enhanced Your Dining Experience With
Touch Screen

Azilen developed a Waiter Pad Android app specifically for the hospitality industry which was aimed to replace the paper-based ordering system presently prevalent in restaurants. The app features an integrated solution between the payroll system, the kitchen and the waiter who is taking down orders through the application. The app also aims to make intelligent suggestions depending on the customer's previous orders and regulates the daily operations systematically..
  • The client was a software firm based in Europe which provided integrated software solutions and innovative order management systems for hospitality industry.

  • 1
    Android app enables the waiter to manage orders at three different areas simultaneously: Customer Area, Kitchen and POS System
  • 2
    Interactive Menu with each ordering flexibility and high end UI displaying Orders, Open Orders, Available Tables and Drive-in Orders
  • 3
    Other Features: Item or Oder Search, Order Status, prompt notification system, need base Control Switching to other waiters etc.
  • 4
    Multilingual capabilities along with quick installation and loading feature
  • 5
    Automated information transfer to kitchen staff for order processing and POS for billing
  • 6
    It is integrated with the restaurant system at the backend and works with any Android device BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)
technical highlights
  • This technology solution for hospitality industry helps the waiter to multitask with utmost ease and perfection

  • Transpired as a potential tool to conquer the rush hour’s chaotic situations

  • Enabled delightful customer experience at restaurant

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