Innovative Waiter Pad
Android App for Restaurants





About Client

A European software firm providing integrated software and order management solutions
for the hospitality industry.

The client was looking to build a solution to automate order management and communication between different stakeholders- customers, waiters, kitchen staff and the management.


Understanding the basic requirement, Team Azilen came up with an intuitive mobile application for Android- Waiter Pad that has the potential to eliminate paper-based ordering system and integrate payroll, waiter and kitchen management.

With the help of Waiter Pad app, waiters inside a restaurant, bar, café or any F&B establishment can manage orders between POS terminal, kitchen and dining area. The app enables them to serve customers, send orders to the kitchen and fetch billing details at the same time. With Waiter Pad, restaurants can automate tasks, reduce human intervention and thus improve efficiency.

  • Intelligent suggestions based on customer’s past orders and preferences
  • Streamlined and operated restaurant operation management
  • Automatic transfer of diner’s order to the kitchen
  • Password protected access for secured and authorized usage
  • Open orders/idle table monitoring and management
  • Works with any Android device that can be integrated with restaurant system via the app
  • Comprehensive help and support section for training and assistance
  • Responsive user interface with dynamic themes, food images and description
  • Integrated with multiple restaurant systems such as POS, kitchen terminal, etc.
  • Contextual item search by name and order number
  • Multilingual interface with quick installation and loading
  • Real-time order status tracking
  • Prompt notification system for orders taking time
  • Transferrable control between restaurant staff during peak hours or emergencies

Tools & Technologies

  • - Android
  • - .Net
  • - Json
  • - SQLite
  • - Android
  • - .Net
  • - Json
  • - SQLite
User Benefits
  • Saves time as diners are not required to wait for waiters to take orders
  • Enhanced customer experience and service efficiency
  • Better dining suggestions based on past orders and preferences
  • Streamlined invoicing with minimum chances of miscommunication or misrepresentation