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Recruitment Automation Solution With Validated Assessments

About Client

The client is a US based human resources service provider company with huge clientele from diversified industries. Their requirement was an end to end comprehensive unbiased automated assessment tool as a web and mobile application for performance-based and statistically validated assessments so that they can quickly identify and manage the real talent and hire the most suitable candidate using right data.

Business Requirement

  • Technical and functional design of product: The contents for assessment test were encompassing wide range of probes for fact-based evaluations of job specific skills, personality traits, quantitative aptitude, Data interpretation, problem-solving and decision-making skills, logical thinking abilities and analytical reasoning in form of text, graphs, images as well as audio and video clips.
  • Sharing different level of tests with candidates for different positions depending on their total relevant experience to assess their mental capabilities.
  • Maintaining end to end communication flow with minimal human efforts.
  • The basic need was a solution that can leverage all modern cognitive and behavioral sciences to deliver performance based assessments followed by relevant filtration and analysis for which technical performance of product was exceptionally crucial.

The Solution

After enough introspective analysis, Azilen decided to build a handy and end user oriented solution as candidate web portal along with its mobile app that can enable the client to reach, assess, filter, contact and hire the most well-suited candidate through any computer or mobile device. Technical competencies of solution was specially taken care of for flawless performance.

  • Admin can create the position for desired profile in job board listing and invite candidate applications from database through social media post and email or text invite.
  • Admin can share url links for authentication of job skills, cognitive skills, personality traits and knowledge base through intelligent assessment tests. Solution is robust enough to incorporate all required levels of test designs in any form such as text, graphs, and images as well as audio and video clips.
  • Once the candidate takes the test and submit it, system will not only analyze that if he has passed the test or not but also filter and rank the candidate through predefined parameters.
  • Passed out candidates will be sent automated emails about informing them about personal round of interview. If required, system has flexibility to arrange video interview as well before calling the candidate for personal interview.
  • After the complete automated and validated assessment for desired skills and knowledge, candidate will be interviewed by client’s human resources team.
  • Solution has push notification functionality enabled during entire communication cycle with candidate.
  • Solution has functionalities to handle joining formalities as well.

Solution Benefits

  • End to end automated hiring process resulted in high degree of time saving and cost effective practice along with leveraging competitive advantage.
  • It optimized quality hiring as decisions are data driven.