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DASTAC Framework – (Known now as IP And Data Protection)

Our DASTAC Framework: Not Just an Attempt. But Engraved in Everything We Do!

Your brilliant ideas to intelligent products, we keep it safe with our proprietary DASTAC framework.

IP and Data Protection

Key Cornerstones of Our DASTAC Framework: The Vanguard of IP Data and Protection.

Strong Contracts

Organizational Measures: 

  • Double Protected NDA with Vendor adherence
  • Copyrights & Agreements
  • Liability Insurance
  • Treaties for cross-border protection
  • Error and Omission (E&O Insurance)
  • Cybersecurity Insurance

Workforce Measures:

  • NDA with IP clause
  • Security Policies in employment contract

Awareness & Training

Organizational Measures:

  • Information and Media Classifications
  • Media Disposals

Workforce Measures:

  • Regular Training sessions – IP Protection, Secure Code and DevOps

Security Policies

Organizational Measures: 

  • Biometrics/ CCTV/ 24*7 Surveillance
  • Power Backups & Fire Protection
  • Business Continuity Plan
  • Encryption and Firewalls
  • 3rd Party Audits
  • Compliance with regulations

Workforce Measures: 

  • Strict Data Privacy Measures
  • Code Obfuscation
  • Documentation: Innovation and Disclosure Process

Team Segregation

Organizational Measures:

  • As per ODC with separate access through biometrics or access cards or altogether different geo location

Workforce Measures:

  • Knowledge Retention Procedures
  • SoD (Segregation of Duties)
  • Network Micro Segmentation

Access Control

Organizational Measures:

  • Automated Monitoring Tools
  • Risk analysis
  • Two-factor verification

Workforce Measures: 

  • Background Checks
  • Stringent Onboarding & Exit Procedures
  • Role Based Version and Access Control


IP Data Protection
Monitoring and Enforcement
  • Automated monitoring tools​
  • Third-party audits​
  • Background checks​
  • Stringent Onboarding and Exit Procedures
IP and Data Protection
Legal Measures
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) – Double Protected​
  • Copyrights & Agreements
Data Security and Access Controls​
  • Restricted access to sensitive information​
  • Robust data security measures​
  • Encryption and firewalls
Vendor & Partner Contracts​
  • IP protection clauses in contracts​
  • Ensuring vendors respect IP rights
International IP Protection
  • Using treaties for cross-border protection​
  • Liability Insurance​
  • Error and Omission (E&O Insurance)​
  • Cybersecurity Insurance
Premise Protection
  • Biometrics / CCTV / 24*7 Surveillance ​
  • Power Backups and Fire Protection​
  • Business Continuity Plan


Employee Awareness and Training
  • Training sessions on IP protection​
  • Policies in employment contracts​
  • Media classification and Disposal​
  • Hardware Disposal
Source Code Protection
  • Code obfuscation​
  • Version control and access restrictions​
  • Secure coding training and DevOps
Documentation and Invention Disclosure​
  • Formal invention disclosure process​
  • Thorough documentation of innovations

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Azilen Technologies is a Product Engineering company. We collaborate with organizations to propel their software product development journey from Idea to Implementation and all the way to product success.

From consulting to UX engineering, software design & development, test automation, DevOps, and modernization of software products, we engage with product companies to build a competitive advantage with the right mix of technology skills, knowledge, and experience.

Domain expertise, agile methodologies, and cross-functional teams blended in a collaborative development approach are our vanguards of engineering, managing, monitoring, and controlling product lifecycles for startups and enterprises.

Highly scalable and future-fit products that too with faster-go-market are what we deliver by letting in-house teams of product companies focus on core product expansion & growth while we manage and support the technology in parallel.