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Lavina Ramkissoon, #aiMOM & Futurist Leader, Joins Azilen Technologies to Unify African Tech Space

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Lavina Ramkissoon, a conscious creator with expertise in psychology, technology, and economics, steps into the Azilen Team as Advisory Member to fuel Azilen’s ongoing commitment to humanizing technology and actively serving as a growth enabler for thriving African digital economy with the perfect blend of cutting-edge technologies like AI, Blockchain, IoT and the finest software product engineering tactics, powered by 14-year of engineering excellence legacy.

While several African enterprises are at the cusp of digital transformation, a key setback that businesses still face is that most of the processes are repetitive, non-transparent, manual, and error-prone. Lavina, with her expertise in consulting, strategy, advisory for regulations, cutting-edge research, and advisory for startups and investments, is enthusiastically bringing in values that harmonize with Azilen’s vision of helping entire ecosystem ranging from startups to listed companies in adopting emerging technologies to make their processes smarter, automated, and efficient.

‘Redefining society is not something I take lightly, neither does Azilen. Super excited to be joining the advisory board aiming to balance technological impact across the African continent.’, said Lavina.

Azilen Technologies, being committed to further boosting Africa’s booming digital economy by bringing in product value addition with an ultimate goal of empowering local tech entrepreneurs and enterprises to put their ideas at the forefront of global industry, strongly believes that Lavina’s addition into leadership team will pave the way for innovations focused on the betterment of society.

Nikunj, the Vice President of Customer Success at Azilen, emphasized that Lavina’s extensive experience in the global AI arena will greatly benefit the company. With her expertise, Azilen will be able to seamlessly integrate AI at various stages of the software development life cycle (SDLC), resulting in improved efficiency and accelerated development processes. Lavina’s contributions will not only enhance the software strategy and applications but also ensure the delivery of high-quality software solutions.

About Azilen Technologies:

Azilen Technologies is a Product Engineering company. We collaborate with organizations to propel their software product development journey from Idea to Implementation and all the way to product success.

From consulting to UX engineering, software design & development, test automation, DevOps, and modernization of software products, we engage with product companies to build a competitive advantage with the right mix of technology skills, knowledge, and experience.

Domain expertise, agile methodologies, and cross-functional teams blended in a collaborative development approach are our vanguards of engineering, managing, monitoring, and controlling product lifecycles for startups and enterprises.

Highly scalable and future-fit products that too with faster-go-market are what we deliver by letting in-house teams of product companies focus on core product expansion & growth while we manage and support the technology in parallel.

About Lavina Ramkissoon:

Conscious Creator I Top 10 women advancing AI I Top 100 Women in Leadership I Trailblazer I Thought Leader I Chairperson I #aiMOM

#aiMOM always creating a more intelligent tomorrow.

Awards include top 10 leaders advancing AI, VentureBeat finalists in responsible AI, Top 100 Women in AI Ethics, African Trailblazer, Top 100 women leader, and Top 20 women to look up to amongst a few others.

A futurist leader standing for the unification of the African technological space. She is a conscious creator with expertise in psychology, technology, and economics. Their applications in areas like AI, blockchain, quantum, emerging tech, ethics, and data are definitely at her heart.

A catalyst that serves as chairperson, director, and founder across multiple industries, sectors, and technologies. Her singular aim is to unlock the potential of Africa.

Humanizing technology and actively serving as a growth enabler for tech talent across the globe. Often referred to as someone trailblazing through the continent accompanied by her inspirational-ally iconic outlook in being the consciousness for Africa.

Originally published at  Lavina Ramkissoon, #aiMOM & Futurist Leader, Joins Azilen Technologies to Unify African Tech Space – IssueWire

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