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OrbiWise Selects Azilen as Technology Partner for Innovative IoT Solutions

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OrbiWise, the leading provider of infrastructure solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT), selects Azilen Technologies as technology partner to handle crucial operations such as product enhancement, deployment and support. OrbiWise is widely known for OrbiWAN™, its carrier-grade core network solution for IoT networks based on the LoRaWAN™ standard.

Azilen is proud to assist OrbiWise. OrbiWise’s Low-Power Wide-Area network technology is one of the most preferred choices for smart cities, precise agriculture and industrial applications across the globe and this association will be a potential aid in bringing our IoT experience to next level through LoRa technologies. Enormous possibilities of creating unconventional applications are making this technology eminently interesting.” says Mr. Naresh Prajapati, Chief Executive Officer of Azilen Technologies

OrbiWise’s OrbiWAN™ focuses on the fundamental requirements of IoT including secure bi-directional communication, mobility and localization services and offers seamless interoperability among smart things without complex local installations. Gateways do not require any customization during installation at site. Easy installation, simple maintenance and speedy roll out are its distinctive characteristics.


We were looking for a partner in India to help us with our expansion in Asia. For this purpose, we have selected Azilen via a formal RFP process. The Team at Azilen has the competence, the organizational maturity and the passion for IoT technologies, that we required to help us in providing technical support to our customers and in developing advanced technologies for the IoT industry. ”, says Mr. Domenico Arpaia, Chief Executive Officer of OrbiWise.

With the strong engineering foundation, OrbiWise is a well-established and upright organization in Europe and American countries as an IoT infrastructure service provider using Low-Power Wide-Area wireless networks based on LoRa technology.

Being a technology led organization, Azilen has maintained the habit of carrying out sober and realistic analysis about IoT capabilities and possibilities and it anticipates the partnership with OrbiWise will add further intensity to its IoT experience.

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