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Software Engineering in NextGen HR Tech!

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Azilen has proudly launched its software engineering services framework for NextGen HR Tech at the HR tech conference 2022 Las Vegas. This framework is specially crafted to resolve the technology challenges of HR Tech & Work Tech business in building software products that bring immense value to the HR Tech ecosystem.

In the era of digitalization, the HR industry is swiftly moving towards modernization to adopt the optimum solution for the NextGen HR Tech that can help them improvise their employee experience and ease the employee life cycle from Hire to Retire by automating the recurring HR operations.

Seemingly, the HR industry is brimming with the possibilities of innovations and this can be achieved with the Software Engineering Talent who understands:

  • HR Tech domain
  • Enable the most relevant strategic approach based on the enterprise’s requirement
  • And can resolve the blocks in HR Tech product development
  • Have excellence in building diverse HR Tech solutions on one platform
  • User-friendly interface
  • HR Tech Integration

It is imperative to have a combination of the HR Tech Engineering talent and the right services framework to implement a successful HR Tech product.

Services Framework to adapt HRDT 5.0

he Services Framework for Software Engineering in NextGen HR Tech is designed and adapted to solve the typical challenges in HR Tech product development. The service framework comprises:

  • HR Tech functional and domain knowledge across HR Lifecycle
  • Technology mix with the right skills teams
  • Specially crafted methodologies for building HR Tech products,

Thus, the Service framework caters to entire software development lifecycle of an HR Tech  & Work  Tech product.

This framework helps in building a strong foundation block for achieving digital innovation as a part of HRDT 5.0 (HR Digital Transformation 5.0)

The term HRDT 5.0 refers to a significant digital transformation of HR technology for the Next Generation in the HR ecosystem. This transition is mainly dwelling on artificial intelligence and machine learning to make the configuration user-centric to provide an unparallel user experience. It also allows HR Tech integration that can help the organization be more efficient and assist them in dispensing the optimal employee experience.

Basically, HRDT 5.0 can be adapted into four major segments:

Seamless integration driven by accelerators:                                                                            

ATS – >  BGC – >  Payroll – >  Rewards & Recognition – >  Job Board – >  L & D

How can this model benefit the HR Tech business? 

The discussed services framework is adapted to cater to the demand patterns of Next-Gen HR Digital Transformation – The HRDT 5.0, where no single technology can serve the purpose and a collective technology landscape needs to be built.

HR Tech product companies can engage the service framework in their product lifecycle to realize the value that it brings:

HR Tech domain expertiseReduce product development timeScale their product at a larger level
Expedite Go to MarketScale their product at a larger levelImplement future-ready technologies

With these insights and many more on How technology can empower modern-day HR Tech products can be captured as we exhibit in World’s largest HR Tech Virtual Conference 2023.

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