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Architecture Engineering

Strong technical foundation, flexible and adaptable to ever changing business needs

Our Architecture Proficiency.

A curated strategy, future ready for your product's foundations & vision.
We adapt to architecture model that is flexible enough to adapt to agile environment with changing technology landscape and business need.

Architecture Implementation

Fit to your purpose.

Evaluation & Evolution Model

For timely architecture audits and updates.

Architecture Implementation.

Architecture Planning
  • Define business & technical feasibility

  • Interpret integration needs

  • Establish standards, policies & guidelines

  • Technology preferences

Architecture Design & Implementation
  • Business & technology architecture structure

  • Data security & governance

  • Security measure

  • Cloud architecture design

Evaluation & Evolution Model.

Architecture Audit & Assessment
  • Current architecture assessment

  • Code review & observations

  • Non-Functional metric’s check (Database, Performance, Security, Caching, Maintainability etc.)

  • Recommendation – Processes, Tools & Standards

  • Technical audit report

Architecture Optimization & Support
  • Best practices implementation

  • Optimize & generalize integrations & API’s

  • Infrastructure optimization

  • Architecture maintenance

  • Serverless architecture & cloud migration

Building Strong Foundations

Building Strong Foundations 

Azilen Technologies, azilen-logo

Our Architecture Approach.

Architecture Audit & Assessment
  • Requirement understanding

  • Business process understanding

  • Business case development

  • Market & competitor assessment

  • Functional requirement assessment

  • NFR expectation

Architecture Planning & Execution
  • Business objective alignment

  • Architecture trend evaluation

  • Quality of Service (QoS) needs

  • Information & technology architecture

  • Documentation & execution plan

Tailored Implementation Strategy
  • Infrastructure setup

  • Architecture design & framework

  • Modularization & database structure

  • Compliance and security measures

  • Deployment approach: On Premise | IaaS | PaaS | SaaS

le CX,
With these services we aim to deliver the

Best in Class Architecture Design.

What is Expected
  • Scalable architecture

  • Resilient and reliable system

  • Extendable & expendable functionally

  • Address security standards

  • Low maintenance

How we achieve
  • Optimum technical design

  • Fit to purpose architecture pattern

  • Loosely coupled services

  • Utmost isolation of services

  • Maximum reusability

  • Easy to debug & maintain

Types of Architecture.

Microservices Architecture
Event-driven Architecture
Object-oriented Architecture
Micro-kernel Architecture
Space-based Architecture
Layered (n-tier) Architecture

We Help Product Companies To:

Azilen Technologies, Product Engineering
Curate a foundation for your product's vision
Azilen Technologies, Product Engineering
Frame a technical blue print that enables and inhibits the best quality
Azilen Technologies, Product Engineering
Make the future technology adaption & business changes more manageable
Ultimately, we thrive to unlock the full potential of technology and optimize your investments to generate better growth.

We Delivered, They Rejoiced!

Architecture Patterns Successfully Implemented
Average Performance Improvement
Reduced Resource Utilization

Case Studies.

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