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And you thought NFC was not for Hospitality

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Getting started

Just the other day, at our firm we were having a discussion to what could be the next big thing in terms of technology that may bring about a noticeable change in the way processes are executed as of now for all the domains.

One of such technology is NFC – Near Field Communication. NFC has quickly become a widely covered topic on different blogs, tech sites and news sources across the web.

For those of you who need a refresher, NFC enables wireless monetary transactions and data transfers between two devices. Although its potential capabilities border almost infinity, as of now everyone is obsessed with NFC as a form of contact-less technology.

NFC in Hospitality

For the hospitality industry there already are revolutionary technologies like digital tablet used by hosts, digital billing, cashless payments, robotic luggage carriers and card/device based contactless room entry that will surely open the doors to a much more user delightful, efficient and ultimately, more enjoyable experience.

NFC too has played a pivotal role providing a variety of services:-

  • Paperless and Cashless Payments
  • Check in and receive hotel key onto mobile and open doors using NFC [Contactless Room Entry]
  • Get menu and place order using NFC on your phone
  • Manage all your subscriptions and leisure activities through NFC
  •  Access a rental car and Track lost baggage
  • Saving e-travel Documents


Now that you know what all can be done with NFC, question arises is HOW?

As an example, say a hotel wants to use NFC to generate key cards on guests phone itself,

In case of managing large leisure and entertainment industry:-

Few Stats and NFC at Azilen

Between 2012 and 2017, experts believe the installed base of NFC-enabled handsets will increase at a compound annual growth rate of 65% to reach 2.1 billion units, according to new research from Berg Insight.

David Holmes, vice president of NFC Solutions at Identive Group, has quoted:

“Nothing will drive contactless infrastructure like mobile phones.”

Technology is changing by leaps and bounds, but instant universality will come in a while. The definition of “phone” is expanding almost every day, and pretty soon it will come to include contact-less multipurpose utility device

At Azilen we have the skillset and experience in implementing this wonderful technology in a guided manner to impact businesses in a progressive manner with a new dimension.

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