Azilen's New Brand Identity: Engineering Excellence Ethos
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by Swapnil Sharma  February 25, 2022

Azilen unveils its New Brand Identity that echoes “Engineering Excellence” as its Ethos

Feature Image news! Throughout its 12 years journey, Azilen has lived by its passion for building impeccable products which deliver great customer value. With the learnings of this growth journey, Azilen is proud to announce the launch of its new brand identity that echoes "Engineering Excellence" as its ethos.   

The New brand identity and colors derive synergies from the cosmic forces of planetary bodies in space. Azilen is inspired by the best Engineering example of Mother Nature. The logo establishes the qualities of being Bold, Dynamic, and Vibrant which is always geared up to experiment and innovate, thus reviving the traditional ways of Engineering. This is imbibed into the culture and mindset of Azilen. 

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"Our clients conjoin their journeys with us to transform their product ideas into reality. We dream and celebrate their Product success. That is our real Recognition!”

"With the evolution of its corporate identity, Azilen reflects its character of Engineering Excellence by being more agile, intuitive, disruptive, and collaborative. We bring the 'Next' of Engineering – The PRO Engineering. We crafted our services to best address the Needs of NextGen Product companies," says Naresh Prajapati, CEO, Azilen Technologies. 

"Product Engineering is our DNA and we live by it. We derive Excellence from our Passion for Engineering, A Reformer by attitude, and Out of Box thinking which makes us PRO in what we do. Hence #WeArePROEngineers," says Niket Kapadia, CTO, Azilen Technologies.   

Azilen's carefully crafted portfolio of services generates substantial value for companies in managing their product lifecycles. The Enterprise Practices enable future-ready technology usage for the NextGen products which includes Cloud Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Mobile, and Blockchain. Visit to check out the details.   

"This evolution has resulted from the learnings & experiences gained while working with successful product companies with a Customer-Centric approach. At the same time, the specialized portfolio has been achieved through the learning, growth, and relentless efforts put by Our People to ensure customer success. We value their contribution and strive to be a 'People First' organization," says Arvind Kugasia, SVP – Engineering & Solutions, Azilen Technologies.   

Azilen dedicates this new identity to celebrating both these relationships with utmost commitment.   

About AZILEN   

Azilen Technologies is a Product Engineering company. We pioneer in Engineering Excellence to build NextGen digital products. Our PRO engineering services are driven by agile methodologies induced within the product lifecycle to catalyze the change and adapt to market innovations. Our team of 300+ PRO Engineers thrives to shape customer success in turn driving better business growth with excellence across industry innovations, leveraging cutting edge technologies.  

Official Press Release: Azilen unveils its New Brand Identity that echoes “Engineering Excellence” as its Ethos

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