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5 Essentials of User Experience Resulting in Higher Sales

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User Experience addresses all aspects of a service from customer’s perspective. It essentially guides the interaction of the customer with mobile apps and website from both visual and functional perspective. It highlights the experiential, affective, meaningful and valuable aspects of human-organization interaction and product ownership.

And it goes without saying that User Experience is heavily dependent upon the design of your application, integration of your brand throughout, and providing the mediums and information your visitors need.

62% of customer base future purchases on past experience.

1. Strengthen Customer Loyalty

In the simplest terms possible, if your users have a bad experience on your website or mobile application, they won’t come back. So not only have you lost a customer, you’ve increased the likelihood that your customer will go to a competitor.

89% of consumers began doing business with a competitor following a poor customer experience.

You can add all the features and functions you want but when it comes to customer loyalty the user experience offered have a far greater impact.

It is also well known that loyal customers make some of the best brand evangelists. Having this kind of customer should be your ultimate goal and great UX helps achieve this.

Loyal customer represent no more than 20% of your customer base, but make up more than 50% percent of your sales.

2. Visible Difference in Return on Investment

With better user experience, company gets a return on investment. It ensures that all the money invested by you in to the software solution generates into a measurable value for your business. This results into loyal customers who frequently return to buy your products/services.

  • Customers feel it is very easy to find the solution as per their wants and requirements.
  • Not only customer interacts with your solution but a good User Experience involves the solution interaction with the customer as well, making the customer easy and comfortable

Each $1 invested in user interaction returns up to $100.

3. Increased Rate of Conversion

Measurement of your solution’s effectiveness depends on percentage of users you convert into customers. This percentage is called the conversion rate, which is far more effective in measuring UX than actual sales figures.

74% of businesses believe User Experience is the key to increase the rate of conversion.

4. Increased Efficiency and Productivity

By helping your users to do things quicker and with utmost ease, a great user experience improves efficiency as well. Efficiency in experience can be defined as the degree to which customer effort is facilitated. Every interaction between the customer and an organization’s product or service should happen in fewest possible steps.

Consider eCommerse website for instance, the faster and simpler it is to buy a product, the more likely it is that users will buy multiple products.

User Experience reduces operational, customer support cost by 25%, development and design cost by 9%.

5. Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

Your customers are your users. When it is easy, pleasant and natural for users to be able to achieve a given task, users are likely to do the task more often.

If the user was your customer, the satisfaction experienced because the product was easy and pleasant to use, means it is likely that the product (e.g. website) will be used more often which leads to higher conversion rates and often to higher sales figures as well.

Remember, your customers expect to be able to engage with you on their terms. Helping them do so can only help your business.

Customer satisfaction enhanced by 74%.

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