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From Proof of Concept to Proof of Capability

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Finally you are here, well we don’t know how you landed here, maybe one of our sales guy got you here or you opened this link out of curiosity, Regardless of how you landed here, we are really glad you did. Now if you read us out, if you promise to read till the last, we promise to make it a worthy time investment for you.

Everyone has business ideas, it is the one who implements that matters. Say you have an idea and you know the goal of the idea, the purpose it will serve. But the process of implementing the idea, the process of converting it into a product and then into a necessity is more critical than the idea itself. During this process there are various obstructions like technical feasibility, budget, making people use the product to weave the idea into reality. But that’s where a Proof of Concept comes into picture.

A POC or rather proof of concept acts as a symbiotic element for the clients, investors , and development partner like us. POC acts as a working prototype of the idea which can be used for a quick feasibility testing can be used to pitch it to investor’s. A POC will,

• Mimic the idea into a test environment and validate the concept
• Get reviews from different perspectives
• Provide and Validate alternate navigation flows to achieve the goal

Instead of a long thought process and then implementing full-fledged solution, consider a small cycle of TEST. Once the POC solution is done, tested and successfully deployed, the confidence on the idea will improve exponentially and not only your’s but investor’s too. If you sense hesitation from their end then you know there needs to be changes.

Not only is the idea tested, but it also gives a head-start to your project on whole. If the POC is successful you can continue with next production phases as shown in above diagram with the selected vendor. Make sure you get technical help, business suggestions based on vendor’s experience and based on geography. Once you have thought through the process, structure the contract which best suits the need for your project and have the option to exit if the software product development does not meet your requirements/goals.

Gone are the days where you could spend endless cycles evaluating your idea. With more and more delay in starting implementation idea loses its freshness, new and better technologies come up or time to market may pass etc. Today organizations like ours that are quick to respond to business needs, are innovative and leverage technologies that help you to stay ahead of competition and expand your vision from multiple angles.

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