Get To Know About Ultimate Newfangled Features of Android M
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  by Editorial Team  June 9, 2015

Get To Know About Ultimate Newfangled Features of Android M

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The preceding year Google’s Android Lollipop had not left the limelight and being in the latest news flash, while the big-league Google’s mobile OS unleashed Android M with nifty and neoteric new feature this year. This operating system brings a lot of enhancements in bug fixing and superior user experience. There is no specific official release date disclosed regarding Android M, developer preview of Android M has been released at Google I/O 2015.

Let’s dive deeper to know what are the new features that Google’s Android M has to offer:

App Permission:

Google’s new App permissions system asks for permission when First time application tries to access particular permission instead of displaying list of permission before installing. Permissions like Locations, Contacts, Phone, SMS, Calendar, Microphone, Camera, and Sensor. The user will able to reject or grant access when the app will ask prior to having access to these functions. This feature provides the user with more control on the permission.

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Improved Battery with Doze Mode:

Android M is introducing Doze Mode which enhances battery, even when device is not used for some time and it goes into deep inactive state utilizing less battery. Device can still respond to incoming events such as notification, messages and a lot more.

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Renewed DND & Volume Control:

With a simpler control over Volume, just press the button of volume and, find the detailed menu to get control of the volume to alarms, media, and notifications. Even the Do Not Disturb option is presented with interesting changes.

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Custom Chrome Tabs:

Numerous apps make use of their own internet browser to show content or else they present a popup letting the user choose browser of your choice. However, Google wants to centralize everything via its Chrome browser. With this feature get a very similar but much more distinguished experience of an application’s inbuilt browser.

Fingerprint Support:

If your device has a fingerprint scanner, then you can utilize this feature for authorization rather than having to enter a pin or password. So, you can easily and expeditiously make use of Android payment/Google Wallet. Android M will also provide API of Fingerprint, so developer can integrate support of fingerprint for authentication into their application.

Automatic App Data Backup:

Google unleashes that settings, as well as app data, will now be automatically backed to Google drive every 24 hours. So, now losing data is impossible though you keep switching to new phone

Now On Tap Search Integration:

This feature can be started by just holding the home button. Get information when you need as Now On Tap app delivers the relevant information you are searching for rapidly. Supporting you as a smart virtual assistant this feature gives you contextual information content on your mobile screen while you surf sites, get a text message or listen to music. Google Now will use current Context of user to search. For an example, user is reading an email, mentioning “The Originals (TV Series)”. User has no idea about “The Originals” and wants to search. In that case, user just needs to hold the Home button and “Now” will display all the information about “The Originals”.

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Android M supports USB Type C:

Android M offers full support for Type C, with the facility of reversible charging. Now, charge your multiple Android phones and tablets faster and effortlessly.

Delete Apps on the Home screen:

Using Android M you can now uninstall apps directly from the home screen Google Now launcher. All that you have to do is drag them to the right/top of you mobile screen. Deleting applications was never so effortless before.

Google’s Fit Health:

This health tracking platform created by Google for Android OS is a single set of APIs that combines data from devices & multiple apps. Our new smartphones are trying to keep us stronger, fitter and healthier human being by using sensors to record physical fitness activities like cycling and walking to offer a complete view of their well-being.

Hope this bit was useful to you. If you have got reviews or suggestion pertaining to Android M then do share them with us.

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