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Candidate Screening Software Solution: How Does it Redefine the Recruitment Process by Bringing in Recruitment Efficacy?

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If you are in the recruitment industry, your life revolves around the 3 ‘S’ of the hiring process – Sourcing, Screening, and Selection. With more than 69% of employers struggling to fill roles in their organization, most reasons attribute to lack of technical skills and human (soft) skills behind candidate rejection.

Thus, bringing into focus the need for an enhanced Smart Pre-screening Solution for your HRTech product – delivering accurate, flexible, and efficient candidate evaluation. More so, following the spur in remote hiring following the pandemic in 2020, our innovative solutions in smart pre-screening can assist you in building a robust product that will help reduce the attrition rate for many of your product users.

What does the conventional pre-screening process in recruitment look like?  

Candidate screening or pre-screening is one of the most crucial stages in the hiring process. However, the manual candidate pre-screening processes still practiced by several recruitment companies make it taxing for the hiring managers.

It involves skimming through hundreds of job applications and candidate profiles that best match the job description.  Candidates are shortlisted based on their academic qualification, professional experiences, acquired skills, personality, and behavior-indicative traits that can evaluate culture fit for the organization. Besides an average hiring time per candidate clocking at 23 hours, there is also the risk of flawed results.

Which are the top hiring challenges candidate screening software solves?   

Conventional hiring process leaves deserving candidates at the risk of being filtered out, while unfit candidate gets selected. In both cases, the employer loses considerably – wasting valuable time and effort. Not to forget the non-productive man-hours lost by the hiring managers/executives.

Eliminate or combine the hiring procedure by adding advanced pre-screening solutions and make the hiring procedure effortless.

Azilen Technologies, as one of the prominent HR Tech Solutions specialist companies, has been working extensively with HR Tech companies worldwide. Notable challenges that are affecting the productivity of the HR Tech and recruitment majors include:

  • Data-driven Assessment
  • Intellectual Abilities
  • Diversified Industry Usage
  • Dynamic Question Generations
  • Job Simulation

How does a candidate screening software solution work?    

 Azilen, a trusted technology partner for HR Tech companies has been offering best-in-class solutions and technical support to meet the candidate pre-screening challenges. Powered by a highly skilled team of HR Tech experts, Azilen has successfully commissioned a Smart Pre-screening Solution to enrich & streamline your recruitment process.

Based on the latest research in cognitive & behavioral psychology, this new-age smart pre-screening solution is built to focus on the systemic evaluation of candidate profiles. It relies on multiple assessment parameters, so as to derive the most suitable candidature against a job description.

 Here, each assessment test comprises of content that embeds a wide range of probes for fact-based evaluations such as:

  • Desired Job-Specific Skills
  • Logical Thinking Abilities
  • Personality Traits
  • Data Interpretation
  • Quantitative Aptitude
  • Problem-Solving Skills
  • Decision-Making Skills
  • Analytical Reasoning

Fig. Smart Pre-screening Solution – How it works

Here is how we can help you enhance recruitment efficacy and reduce the attribution rate by 30% 

 Are you looking to redefine your recruitment process product to beat the challenges of candidate pre-screening? The HR Tech experts at Azilen Technologies have extensive experience in building a scalable platform to manage & monitor multiple job positions/applications concurrently.

The Smart Pre-screening Solution promises to make your hiring process seamless and accurate with a focus on quality hires for the organization. It also improves candidate experience by delivering unbiased and automated assessments – reducing candidate attrition rate by 30 percent.

Get in touch with our HR Tech experts today for a detailed discussion on how to implement a Smart Candidate Pre screening Solution for your business. SCHEDULE A MEETING >>

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