Azilen in ‘10 Most Innovative HR Analytics Solution Providers 2019’
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by Ishan Vora  November 21, 2019

Azilen in ‘10 Most Innovative HR Analytics Solution Providers 2019’

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Azilen Technologies has made it to the prestigious 10 Most Innovative HR Analytics Solution Providers in 2019 list issued by the Analytics Insight Magazine. Considered to be one of the most credible mouthpieces of the HR industry, the magazine recognises companies offering innovative talent and HR analytics solutions.

The top 10 contenders for this recognition have been selected for their extensive contribution in driving HR transformation, in consultation with industry influencers and leading organizations.

It is a moment of pride for our organization, team and everyone associated, as Azilen is recognized to be one of the key global players leading the HR digitization wave, backed by strong reporting and analytics capabilities for people management processes.

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While Azilen accepts this appreciation and recognition in all humbleness, it owes its success to the undeterred focus and relentless efforts of its team in honing its expertise in the HR Domain. And all these while staying on top of the curve with the latest innovation in HR Tech.

Led by Arvind Kugasia, Vice President – Engineering and Solutions, Azilen has been redefining human capital management (HCM) with disruptive technologies in the HR space. While the organization has been treading new pastures as a global Product Engineering Company offering enterprise product development solutions worldwide, its contribution and domain expertise in HR Tech has been notable.

How Azilen Enterprise Solutions is Helping HR Increase Efficiency

Azilen Technologies has been building cutting-edge solutions in the HR domain with powerful artificial intelligence mechanisms that are driven by real-time data insights, thus ensuring intelligent decision support. The ultimate goal is to deliver best-fit predictive solutions that can help businesses stay ahead in:

  • Helping HR remain proactive in the employee engagements, involving churn predictions, AI-enabled surveys, etc.).
  • The competition of hiring the right talent mix. This can be made simple with solutions that cover smart job boards, semantic search, CV parsers, identifying non-obvious candidates, video pitch/ interview analysis, etc.).
  • Doing away with tedious work-life processes and simplifying them with innovative technology like facial recognition and voice bots.
  • Empowering yourself as a data-driven organization rather than an “instinct” based (employee engagements, surveys) decision-making enterprise.


Azilen has been harnessing the power of innovation to drive improved services for partners as well as clients. Our collaboration with global market leaders, has helped us cover almost every aspect of HR process from core HR to talent acquisition, employee engagement, workforce management, to employee benefits and healthcare. Adding capabilities in AI / ML space has further added wings to our innovation programme.


Future Roadmap is Promising

This recognition from Analytics Insight Magazine brings to the forefront the striking need for organizations to implement HR Analytics, so as to derive the maximum insights from their recruitment process (candidate) as well as employee data.

  •  Analytics can encourage organizations to resort to data driven decisions rather than “gut-based” decisions. Azilen Technologies investing its proven experience in HR Tech bets on the strong need for data analysis and critical thinking, besides adopting different approaches to make data-driven decisions at organizations.
  •  It is the ‘people’ in it that make an organization, and its success is to a great extent driven by how well the vision & purpose of your organization is translated to each employee. But the challenge most organizations have been facing is to drive a change that administers the brilliance of product engineering at the very grassroot level.
  • Are you ready to hear feedback for your organization with the intent to be ‘better’? If yes, you must ensure a consistent effort in collecting feedback from your people at periodic intervals, and then evaluate each and every comments and statistics so as to understand abilities of managers/leaders driving the change and more importantly the sentiments of people.

The Way Forward…

While it is highly satisfying to see Azilen leadership team incessantly contributing towards translating technology into value creation, there are still several untrodden paths with promising future such as analysing the behavioural aspect of employees. There ought to be more research to throw light on the aspects of emotion, toxicity, & aspect-based analysis so as to deliver better insights to this very sensitive area of people management.

How have you been harnessing HR Tech for your organizational processes? Talk to our experts if you have any questions right away!

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