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How AI-powered Matchmaking Can Help Enhance Your HCM Landscape

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An organization is always about PEOPLE, as they are the lifeline who breathes diversity, exudes excellence, and drives holistic growth. Thereby, it makes it all the more important to attract the right talent ‘people’ to your organization. Very often we hear about hiring in the parameters of being ‘culturally fit’, which is nonetheless matchmaking in the HCM (Human Capital Management) landscape or lifecycle.

Going by the industry trend, AI-powered matchmaking in recent times is a rage in the HR Tech space. It involves everything from:

AI-powered Recruitment – Identify, engage and hire the most relevant candidates in minimum time.

AI-supported Talent Management – Track, analyze, and manage people by discovering the strength (hidden talent) or weakness (blind spot) of a Talent (employee) – to be managed or groomed accordingly.

AI-driven Learning and Development – Intuitive matchmaking techniques that analyze the hidden talent or blind spot of employees, and recommend the best appropriate learning and development tools to help nurture their professional growth.

Boost Your HR Tech Products in 2021 with AI-powered Matchmaking Solutions

Azilen Technologies has been pioneering Artificial Intelligence in the HR Tech space that allows organizations to upgrade their HCM by harnessing AI-powered Matchmaking. The journey begins with simple algorithms (used for testing key hypotheses) and gradually moves to extensive use of an AI-driven approach.

Since 2009, our role as a responsible Product Engineering Company has been to enhance the technical capability and bottom-line of our partner product development companies worldwide – through innovation. This includes Azilen offering the latest technology solution access and enhancement of your HR Tech products, courtesy emerging techs like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

AI-powered Matchmaking Solutions – How it Works

As discussed, match-making through Artificial Intelligence (AI) in HR Tech is broadly used for 3 specific categories:

1. AI Solutions for Recruitment

The above data hints at the ‘gap’ that exists in the recruitment process. And as an HR Tech solutions expert, we believe artificial intelligence can play a defining role in streamlining it.

For recruitment, AI is used along with predictive analysis apart from Natural Language Processing (NLP) that assesses everything from a candidate’s personality traits to soft skills. It not only helps recruiters identify talent by mapping behavioral assessments of candidates but also facilitates engaging them. And all this before taking the crucial hiring decision of selecting the right people that best suit your business.

Also, there has been the advent of advanced technologies like AI-infused background checking for inclusion in HR Tech solutions. This besides minimizing bias, helps recruiters access a much faster and more efficient process that is scalable and offers increased privacy (with a focus primarily on relevant information) for job applicants. This is crucial considering 92 percent of Companies conduct a background check.

2. Talent Management

At the same time, talent management is more about discovering the ‘hidden talent’ and ‘nurturing’ the blind spots. Here machine learning (ML) is used to analyze data of a prospective employee (candidate), vital profile traits, understand their profile, knowledge/ skillset, interests, and their inherent aptitude.

This is important since, with employee onboarding into an organization, the employee is no longer just an ‘individual talent’ but also a valuable ‘team resource’ who works together with other talents to achieve a desired organizational goal.

However, it is also important to maintain harmony among an employee’s professional goals and well-being, along with the organization’s revenue goal. This calls for organizations to implement innovative talent management techniques that deliver enhanced employee experience and holistic growth.

3. Learning and Development

Now, an organization can act upon the findings of AI for Talent Management to implement AI for Learning and Development matchmaking their ‘hidden talent’ as their strong aptitude that can benefit the organization as well help in the employee’s professional growth. Similarly, the identification of the blind spot (weak attribute) in an employee can be nurtured with the most-suited learning and development tools.

AI-powered Matchmaking is a great way for personalizing learning and development based on an employee’s caliber, interest, and skills against an organization’s need to scale its growth story. It can be best done by grooming/training its in-house employees, rather than recruiting new talent. Because, the outcome of ‘new’ hiring and recruitment is comparatively more expensive, time-consuming, and unpredictable than executing learning and development programs.

Over to you

Artificial Intelligence in 2021 is much more than just an emerging technology and its dominating influence in the HR Tech industry is highly encouraging. But the innovation that has made way for a new revolution in the industry is AI-powered Matchmaking.

Azilen technologies have been facilitating HR Tech product development companies harness the power of Artificial Intelligence for Matchmaking. Are you also looking to transcend your HR Tech product game to the next level?

From leveraging the quality of Recruitment to enhancing employee experience through Talent Management, and to designing optimum Learning and Development tools, this technique has proven to be an asset to enhance the HCM landscape/ lifecycle and a ticket to improve your organizations’ bottom-line.

For more information on, how Azilen can add value to your product by implementing innovative techniques in AI-powered matchmaking, get in touch with us. One of our HR Tech solution experts will get in touch with you within 1 business day.

For more information on, how Azilen can add value to your product by implementing innovative techniques in AI-powered matchmaking, get in touch with us. One of our HR Tech solution experts will get in touch with you within 1 business day.

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