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by Tarak Joshi  July 29, 2021

How to Transcend Your Background Check Business to the Next Level

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It’s the PEOPLE that make an organization, and HR Tech practices play a crucial role in hiring the right people. The pre-employment process in recent times extends much beyond hiring a candidate based on the right skills for the job. Besides being a culture fit, the one factor that holds the key for the final approval is the Background Check of the job applicant.

With more than half of the global entities facing discrepancies with candidates’ background data during the pre-employment process, Background Check Companies play a crucial role in ensuring a safe, prolific, and profitable workplace. Almost 58 percent of respondents have acknowledged an improvement in the hiring quality with background screening.


Elevate Your Hiring Process with the Latest Background Check Trends

Identity Verification to Beat Remote Hiring Challenges

One of the many reasons organizations (more than 11 percent companies) have opted to integrate a background check solution into their hiring process is the paradigm shift in remote hiring following the advent of the pandemic.

In the prevailing circumstances with minimum or no physical interaction, employee background verification is now a crucial factor for an organization to know, assess, and confirm an employee’s identity. Apart from screening academic, employment, and criminal antecedents, the latest Background Check trends include exploring newer avenues like social media behavior, e-verify background check, drug usage, and credit history.

Adhering to Compliance and Regulations

Organizations need to consistently leverage technology to improve the hiring process from ATS (Applicant Tracking System) integrations to adjudicating automation. We recommend that every background check process goes through a compliance engine for ascertaining a candidate’s adherence to local, state, and federal laws and regulations.

Candidate Experience Can be the Gamechanger

Are you one of the few companies willing to invest in candidate experience during the pre-employment process? If yes, get ready to hone your background screening system that delivers a superior experience for both the user and candidate.

  • Eliminate the need for multiple logins
  • Manage all candidates from a single system
  • Minimize data entry error risk
  • Enhance system accuracy
  • Improve efficacy
  • Accelerate compliance
  • Listen to feedbacks

How Azilen can Help

Azilen Technologies, as a new-age Project Engineering Company, has been offering state-of-the-art HR Tech solutions for businesses inclusive of top Background Check Companies – worldwide.

Our HR Tech experts are committed to building innovative technology solutions that solve the challenges of background check companies during the hiring and onboarding processes. We have been helping businesses establish their background check technology, innovate, and upgrade the existing systems to transcend their client service to the next level.

From vendor integration to candidate experience, and from setting up consistent screening processes to updating the system based on regulatory and global compliance – Azilen has your back.

Get in touch with us if you are looking to upgrade your background check capabilities to meet the challenges of recent times. Schedule a Meeting with one of our HR Tech experts today!

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