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Azilen Technologies Named Global Leader in Development by Clutch!

As a progressive product engineering company, Azilen Technologies, has been consistently working towards realizing its vision of translating technology to drive innovation, while contributing towards customer value creation. We specialize in HR Tech, along with Fintech, Automotive, Retail, Hospitality, Healthcare, etc. as our core industry focus.

Our extensive experience in HR Tech includes creating human resource management systems, workforce management systems, assessment portals, employee management system, and chatbots for clients worldwide. It is worth mentioning that over the past few years since 2009, our team at Azilen has developed over 150+ unique solutions to assist startups, SMEs, and Fortune 500 companies achieve their goals!

It gives us great pride and encouragement to be named a global leader in development by Clutch, a B2B evaluations and ratings resource. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank our valuable customers for taking time out of their busy schedules to participate in client interviews on our behalf to gauge our impact.

In reflection of those scores, we’ve been ranked an amazing 4.6 out of 5 stars! We’re humbled and proud to play a crucial part in our partners’ success! Please take a look at one of our recent client reviews on below:

For those unaware, Clutch is a B2B ratings and reviews platform that uses a unique methodology to compare and contrast business leaders around the world. The Manifest, a platform that satisfies clients’ hunger for business data, lists us as a top machine learning company. Visual Objects, a visual business services resource, lists us among their top custom software developers!

Once again, heartfelt thanks to our customers and to the Clutch team for making this award possible! If you wish to know more about how we can add value to your business, please drop us a line today. Let’s collaborate!

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