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Honoring the Commitment – 365 Days of Leaves

Yes, 365 days of leaves – It is the unique but realistic idea of Azilen Technologies to honor the integrity of its team members and to unveil their commitment for the organization.

Honoring the commitment is always at the core of Azilen. Be it late evenings, weekends or public holidays, our teams have always placed their professional commitments above personal commitments. They have never bothered about accumulation, carry-forwarding, elapsing of their leaves. For them, what matters is to deliver as promised. These dutiful and dedicated team members have consistently been driving the beyond expectation outcomes through their incredible efforts along with demonstrating the ownership values.

When the team members are full of such integrity and commitment, their entitlement for leaves should not be limited to certain leave policies. They deserve the privilege of relishing their time as per their requirement. Hence, Azilen has declared 365 Days of Leaves for them.

Azilen always believes in ‘Employee Comes First’ ideology and it has been revering its team members’ dedication through various different means. In fact, it is their integrity and commitment that is converting our vision into reality. Apart of 365 Days of Leaves, Azilen has also rolled out Shopping Day for Spouse which is sponsored by Company itself.

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