A New Era of Engaging EmployeEX 360
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by Swapnil Sharma   August 30, 2022

A New Era of Engaging EmployeEX 360

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EmployeEX 360°, a technology-driven HR Tech industry buzz, has the potential to transform your workplace into an affirmative workplace. Curious about how it works? Then let’s deep dive into the fascinating details.

The concept of EmployeEX 360° (Employee Experience) refers to the concept of anticipating and accommodating changes that can transform the workplaces with the use of technology.

Now let us have an inclusive view about how can we utilize this new technology in the organization to enhance the employee engagement experience. 

  • How to Build a Connected Workforce

Jason Averbook has said, “Fortunately or unfortunately, there are no written rules or playbooks for organizations to refer to as they adjust to the new settings of the world and this is both a boon and a bane”

Now let me shed some light on a few fascinating facts and figures. According to the most recent study by Haiilo- A pioneering company that encourages employee engagement, 20% of employees were high performing and engaged in the organization, allowing them to raise their revenue by 4x. 

At this point I remember, once Charles Darwin rightly quoted “It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change”

So, let’s have a glance at how can corporates adopt the changes? 

Critical Success factor for EmployeEX 360°.

Digital transformation drives the employee engagement space to the next level. Today’s talents are either shifting to or have already become, digital natives. The employees expect a collaborative, flexible, high-energy, purposeful and inclusive workplace. 

In this era, Employee experience is not only about happy employees, rather it’s referring to changing the core working environment as well as workspace of the organization. 

Let’s quickly go through a simple Employee Experience Equation and boost your knowledge.

With the adaption of hybrid Work culture, the physical workspace dimension of this equation comes to hold & culture – a space driven by people cannot be altered straightforwardly. Hence, the corporate needs to rely on Technology to improvise their Employees’ Experience i.e., EmployeEX. 

Advanced Technology has nurtured the Employee Experience and played a vital role in amplifying the engagement aspect throughout the ELC (Employee Life Cycle).

Why do Employee Engagement Initiatives fall short?

Before digging deeper into how technology has been a key value addition to promoting EmployeEX., let’s take a look at why Employee Engagement tactics or tool doesn’t show promising results many times.

  • Misdirected Focus (Ignoring Culture as the Root Cause of Engagement) - Assessments are generally designed for measuring an outcome i.e., overall engagement rates - without the attempt to address many of the deeper challenges underpinning employee satisfaction.
  • Accountability isn’t clear - Current employee engagement strategies tend to do very little to engender a sense of employee ownership in the engagement process.
  •  Generating personalized day-to-day experience - one size doesn't fit all. Hence, creating experiences or opportunities that resonate with an employee’s particular circumstances or needs.

So far, we have discussed what employee engagement is and what is its significance. Now let’s discuss how to achieve it. In Laymen’s terms, Employee Engagement is how employees feel about what they encounter and observe throughout their employee journey at an organization. The Engaged employee at every stage of ELC (Employee Life Cycle) yields the best outcome.

Below is the importance of every stage of the employee Life Cycle consisting of the challenges and solutions of each stage.

With all the growing advancements in technology, Artificial Intelligence & Machine learning are trending players at each stage of the employee life cycle.

AI as a driver in Employee Lifecycle

  • Fast Growing vital engagement performer

With AI, it has been easier than ever to generate insights on when, where, and how your employees learn and develop the most. This gives organizations greater insight into the performance of their teams, helping to improve productivity and efficiency. Covering a wide range of spectrum right from employee recruitment and onboarding, to personal development & relieving.

Brilliant Employee Engagement solutions are often equipped with one or more of the below areas:

  • Employee Pulse Connect with Sentiment Analysis 
  • AI-based Pre-screening Tools 
  • Candidate Auto-match 
  • Interview Analysis & Insights 
  • Predictive Analytics & Employee Behaviour Mapping 
  • Attrition Prediction 
  • Intelligent & Interactive Chatbots 
  • Gauge Employee pain areas with Sentiment Analysis 
  • Identification of cultural drives & Organization trends

Let us now conclude the entire employee life cycle by taking a look at the digital tech tools and discussing some quick tips to improve the EmployeEX 360°.

Quick Tips to Improve EmployeEX 360° Framework

Key Takeaways 

  • Concept of EmployeEX
  • Corporate adjustments for Engaging EmployeEX
  • Discipline & Processes required to achieve EmployeEX. 
  • Employee Engagement Strategies & pitfalls. 
  • Role of EmployeEX. Within end-to-end Employee Life Cycle (ELC). 
  • Ways to leverage Artificial Intelligence to improve engagement. 

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