Get Ready To Mark Your Presence at ESB Meetup Session Organized By Azilen!
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by Ishan Vora  June 10, 2016

Get Ready To Mark Your Presence at ESB Meetup Session Organized By Azilen!

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A programmer working with multiple enterprise applications in SOA or micro service deals with a number of applications in different programming languages that uses different protocols to communicate. This ultimately results in daunting task for managing and integrating fragmented application programming language and protocol space. So here ESB comes into picture for soothing Enterprise Application Integration. Azilen Technologies is going to organize a technological meetup on Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) that offers a new way to look at how to integrate applications, coordinate resources and manipulate information as well.

In broader terms, ESB is used for designing and implementing communication between mutually interacting software applications in a service oriented architecture (SOA). It acts as an intermediary for different connectivity services.

What is ESB? – A Micro Guide 

Enterprise Service Bus is nothing but a software architecture which offers a centralized infrastructure for integrating different enterprise-level apps, services and data sources. Enabling various apps to communicate with each other in a well-organized, standardized and loosely coupled manner, ESB works as the middleware layer. With this, it facilitates the seamless exchange of data between different systems.  
ESBs are equipped with useful features that include message routing, transformation, protocol mediation, and service orchestration. ESBs are mainly leveraged in large-scale enterprise ecosystems to achieve frictionless integration between different systems while enhancing interoperability and accomplishing the development of composite applications. 
Additionally, a hub-and-spoke architecture is used to deploy ESBs. Here, the ESB acts as a central hub that connects different applications and services through a series of adapters or connectors. This approach infuses the highest-ever flexibility and scalability as there is always scope for adding or removing new applications from the ecosystem without affecting the overall architecture. 

ESB Technology Meetup:

Azilen Technologies is organizing a technology meetup on ESB at AMA on Saturday, 25th June, 2016 for helping you with detailed understanding on this technology. Following areas will be discussed during the meetup:

  • Welcome to all participants
  • Overview on ESB / EIP
  • Main concept of ESB
  • Advantages of using ESB
  • Types of available ESB framework
  • When to opt for ESB framework
  • Networking Session

So, come let’s have a detailed knowledge sharing on Enterprise Service Bus technology!

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