A Sneak Peek at the Apple WWDC 2016 Event!
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  by Bhavik Kama  June 20, 2016

A Sneak Peek at the Apple WWDC 2016 Event!

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One of the much awaited events of the Apple- The WWDC 2016 event has been organized in San Francisco from 13th June to 17th June. With this event, thousands of developers from around the world get a chance to meet up with the Apple engineers and attend valuable workshops as well as software sessions. In this conference, Apple has shared its developments in the AI and has opened its core products for the developers.

Let’s have a sneak peek over some of the key highlights of Apple WWDC 2016 event:

watchOS 3:

In the previous year, Apple introduced watchOS 2 with much improvement on the original Apple Watch operating system while excluding some of the major issues that users had with the watch.

In 2016 WWDC event, watchOS 3 is introduced that is 7 times faster and has refined operating system in order to attract customers attention.


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You can have a look on the additional features listed below-

  • A new Dock system which offers quick background updates and quick refresh times. This makes app switching easier while swiping through different apps to use. This results into increased performance that also allows an easy access to SOS functionality for users convenience.
  • Apple has added a Minnie Mouse face which is a new Activity face in both Analog and digital systems. In addition to that, a face called Numerals is also introduced that have different fonts for matching the style.
  • Activity Sharing feature that helps you to see the activity updates of your friends and family which you can share as well.
  • Scribble effect to reply any of the iMessages where you don’t have to press reply anymore as you need to just scroll down for generating an automatic response.
  • In addition to this, a new app Breathe is introduced that helps you take breathe sessions while keeping track on your performance.


tvOS is for those who don’t like the Apple TV remote. Apple has developed an innovative version of the remote app for the iOS that allows your iPhone to be used as remote and even it can be used as gyroscope for playing games on Apple TV.


  • Apple TV is going to add more live channels- approximately 1300 channels and is going to make it easier to use as video channel apps.
  • A new feature called Single Sign-up is introduced to get access to all the apps once you sign in. It is estimated that a user will get almost 6000 apps in 7 months.
  • The Siri in Apple TV has been approved and you can search movies by topic on the Apple TV. For a single search, the Siri browse through 650000 movies and TV shows to give you accurate results. You can even search YouTube this way as well.

macOS Sierra:

The OS X was popular till 2015, but at WWDC 2016, it disappeared. This is now called as macOS and the first version of it is termed as macOS Sierra.


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  • macOS Sierra focuses on the Continuity, iCloud and Siri.
  • It allows you to Auto Unlock any of the Mac devices around you if you are wearing an Apple Watch. So no more password hassles.
  • A Universal Cupboard functionality that copies and pastes the information between the iPhone and the Mac while slowly taking on Evernote.


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  • It allows to bring tabs to all the multiple windows that you have on your Mac device that is termed as desktop import in any system. It makes cleaner by tabbing different windows in the device.
  • Allows iCloud optimization for memory management of the device.
  • It allows picture-in-picture mode for watching video regardless the screen you are using. This is one of the best features for macOS Sierra.
  • Siri will be supporting the macOS Sierra which will be on dock. You just have to press it and use the voice to find different things like files. You can even pin your Siri results to the notification center.

iOS 10:

The new thing with iOS 10 is that its lock screen has been redesigned with the expanding 3D Touch feature. This makes new notifications and messages interactive through 3D Touch. You just have to hard press a notification and you can easily deal with it even without unlocking the screen.


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The same thing goes with the message service. Besides this, a set of new features include-

  • Siri is now open for developers in iOS 10. It is incorporated with iOS 10 which can let you use Whatsapp on the system and even Slack too. Other list of apps supported by iOS 10 with Siri are- Uber, Lyft, Pinterest, MapMyRun, Runkeeper and Skype.
  • iOS 10 helps to slide over to see different widgets that helps photos to get facial recognition and pinning the photos to a map to easily recognize where the photos were taken. A brand new feature- Memories help you to search your photos by looking at what is in the photo. It even captures live actions without unlocking the device.
  • Apple improved the HomeKit app to greater extent that has rounded out the accessory types that has door locks and cameras within the service. There is something called Scenes that recognizes bedtime scene and turn off lights. Now HomeKit is also known as Control Center.


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  • Voicemail Transcription- a big new feature will transcribe your voicemails so that you don’t have to listen to them. Links are now made rich links so that the video can play at right inline while other links will have images pop-up.
  • Upgraded Apple Maps that will show you alternate routes if there is traffic; provide contextual information about restaurants around you and other things.
  • Improvement in QuickType feature.
  • Apple Music and Apple News has been extensively improved.


Apple is revamping the iMessage feature for including 3 times bigger emoji and suggestions as well in order to turn certain keywords into emoji.


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Other well-improved feature includes-

  • Getting and sharing rich links.
  • iMessaging feature even converts the emoji suggestion on various writtentexts.
  • People can share songs directly from Apple Music and write notes in their own handwriting.
  • A number of animated effects are included and invisible ink hides the messages until they are being swiped over.
  • iMessage is turning towards some kind of Snapchat-WhatsApp-Facebook Messenger conglomerate.

Final Words:

WWDC is always packed up with new updates that navigate thoroughly in the Apple’s ecosystem. We have presented some of the main highlights of the recently organized Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) event 2016. Hope to see more such innovations in future which are already lined up by Apple!

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