Start your Google Glass Development Today
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  by Editorial Team  May 27, 2014

Start your Google Glass Development Today

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Google Glass is almost here in the market, now it’s time to ready our business services for this new technology. Initially, studying the Glass specifications can be irresistible; so I am going to give you a quick overview about the App development procedure for Google Glass, the mirror API and GDK.

Google Glass is a wearable eyewear device with an optical head-mounted display (OHMD) developed by Google. Google Glass is a camera, display, touchpad, battery and microphone in-built into spectacle frames. In short, with Google Glass you can post a display in your field of vision, video recording, click pictures, search and many more but still, it’s different from other Smartphones and tablets.

How to Start Developing with Google Glass?

Google Glass becomes a new platform for app developers to demonstrate their mobile app. developing apps for Google Glass or Glassware is the newest trends amongst the web developers. Although developing an application for Google Glass is similar to develop android application. You just need to have a various sets of APIs. Each new device comes with new UX, SDKs and APIS even Google has launched different SDKs for each language.

Once you ready with establishing the Mirror API, you can start creating Timeline Cards (UI for Glassware). Now, you can test the Timeline card UI with Google Glass playground testing environment. If your card is working properly, then be ready to set up your Glassware to Google Glass.

Let’s have a quick overview about the Mirror API and SDKs.

The Mirror API

The Mirror API is a server side API and lets you develop a web based service which directly interacts with the Google Glass. It provides this functionality over a cloud based API and it don’t require running code on Glass.

GDK (Glass Development Kit)

The GDK (Glass Development kit) is an add-on of Android SDK, which lets you develop Glassware which directly runs on Glass.

To work with Glassware, Google has created a set of “best practices” for Google Glass.

  • Design for Glass: Glassware should be designed, developed and tested specially for Google Glass to ensure to provide the best user experience which users wants. Design, develop and test for application to provide the great user experience.
  • Don’t get in the Way: Glass is there when users need any details, display the best possible data when users need it and be out of the way when they don’t.
  • Keep it Timely: Glass users require updated details.
  • Avoid the Unexpected: Google Glass users are the least to be satisfied with surprise components provided by the application. So, provide only what your potential customer is anticipating to do or get with the application, be clear about the core objective of your app.

Summing Up

You have developed a different kind of app and want to make it available for public to use it, but how to make your Google Glass App stand out differently in this tough competition time. For this, you need to develop an extraordinary app which will mollify users in design, performance and usability.

The main thing which you need to ensure that even though you can port your current Android application to run on Google Glass, but it’s recommended that if you want that your app gives you enhanced results then develop apps specially for Glass and don’t port it.

So, what are you waiting for? If you have some excellent development ideas to build apps, then start developing with Azilen Technologies and turn your innovative ideas into reality.

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