Town Hall (2017 - Q1) – The Celebration of Being Team Azilen
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  by Ishan Vora  April 12, 2017

Town Hall (2017 - Q1) – The Celebration of Being Team Azilen

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The ultimate measure of any team is how well each member aids each other during the times of challenges and controversies as well as and how well they rejoice the success together. Team Azilen indeed falls into the highest ranking category in this context. A thoughtfully constructed open & flat cultural environment is a fundamental fabric of this team.

Azilen’s team spirit infused quarterly events apparently known as Town Hall events are intended to be a celebration of accomplishments along with rewards and recognitions, and motivations for furtherance of aspirations. They also furnish a platform to express and enjoy humorous, artistic and hidden talent sides of enthusiastic team members in form of performances.

Town Hall for first quarter of 2017 was celebrated on 7th April.

Known for his credence in stand point against conventional practice of centralized authority, CEO Mr. Naresh Prajapati shared significant insights about QOQ growth along with his vision for upcoming opportunity latitude and expansion manifesto. VP – Engineering & Solutions Mr. Arvind Kugasia delivered constructive highlights about accomplishments and learning of the quarter in context of each major project. He also shared realistic delivery roadmap and intellectual best practices to be imbibed for next quarter.


Top notch performers were rewarded with Quarterly Awards and one innovative yearly reward program named LEO (League of Extra Ordinary) was launched along with names of first list of LEO winners.

Many team members manifested their entertaining and brilliant talent through substantial performances such as fashion show, drama skits, still dance, group dance, guitar playing and solo songs. Fun games such as tug of war between senior management team and development team led the joy to the hilt.


The outright event was an inspirational and joyous mix blend of information sharing, vision reinforcement and self-styled entertainment. Above all, it was an always awaited quarterly event where all Azilinities get to gather and share their team jubilation.

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