A Walkthrough of Recently Held WWDC17
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by Bhavik Kama  June 12, 2017

A Walkthrough of Recently Held WWDC17

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Finally, the excitement for Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference held during 5th June, 2017 to 9th June, 2017, was paid off when Apple made significant announcements. Both the developer and the consumer found something interesting this year. Here are the keynotes:

iOS 11 – Something more than expectation


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The new version of iOS is anticipated in later this year with intensified features such as:

  • iMessages will now be stored in iCloud for across devices synchronization. Of course, they will be end to end encrypted for security purpose.
  • Apple Pay will now support person-to-person payments via iMessage, using a new “Apple Pay Cash” card.
  • Siri with more natural voice will be able to translate from English to various languages including Chinese, French, German and Italian. It will also be able to Read some of the text displayed on screen
  • Do not Disturb While Driving feature will keep notifications off and screen blank while driving, at the same time it will auto reply the message to notify the sender that the user is driving
  • Better Camera App with good quality of pictures at half the file size, Photos will have new scale of features and Control Center will pack all the features on one page.
  • Launching of AR Kit
  • Dock to turn iPad in a mini laptop. Dock is window like display of icons at the bottom of iPad and it will make switching between apps very easy. It will also display recently used apps with easier scrolls
  • Drag and Drop feature enabled in the iPad and the iPhone.
  • File Manager – the finder style app for better file management
  • Other upgrades such as: Incorporation of lock screen and notifications, easier possibilities of embedding Apple Music with other apps and redesigned Apple Store

Apple Watch and WatchOS4 with much more to offer


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Apple watches will have range of several new features as a consequential effect of watchOS 4

  • New watch faces including Siri Watch face
  • User will be able to view preference wise relevant contents, diary notifications, and news stories. It will practice machine learning as well to avail real time customized content such as traffic information, news, smart home controls etc. in the best possible way
  • Revamped Music App with on screen auto synchronization capabilities for music and show cover art
  • New fitness features smart workout controls, possibilities of data exchange with certain gym equipment and Bluetooth connectivity with certain gadgets like continuous glucose monitors

MacOS High Sierra to bring the performance at the peak


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Upgraded MacOS the company calls it MacOS High Sierra, will make VR development easy along with other high performance advantages

  • Much faster Safari browser with ad-blocking, AutoPlay blocking features and no longer intelligence tracking prevention
  • Better organization and editing of photos
  • New behind-the-scenes file system
  • Enhanced graphics engine as an VR development aid
  • Unity and Unreal gaming engines

iMac gets uplifted


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  • iMac has now got even more pleasant display and improved graphics performance
  • Faster processer with memory up to 32GB for 21.5-inch display models and up to 64GB of memory on the 27-inch models
  • The 27-inch iMac now will have 5.5 teraflops of processing power along with up to 8GB of VRAM, hence boost the support to VR content creations
  • iMac Pro, the dark gray colored high performance version of iMac with up to 18 processor cores was introduced. Up to 128 GB of RAM, foremost Radeon Pro Vega graphics and 4TB of storage are another characteristics of iMac Pro


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New 10.5-inch version of iPad, iPad Pro unveiled


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Though HomePod is announced as superior audio quality music system, it will have smart speaker qualities. It will handle all other Siri responsibilities, at the same time it will respond queries related to the music being played and the user’s Apple Music account. It will auto customize the audio after making out about the area of surrounding space.

Apart of that the event also included announcements such as HTC Vive to be compatible with Mac and Amazon Video App will be available to Apple TV.

Technology industry is sensing the upcoming strategy of Apple through the way it has expressed by keeping iOS 11 more iPad centric, stimulating developers through AR Kits and making MacOS High Sierra VR friendly. Developers are enthusiastic about creating new products and solutions using the technology upgrades whereas consumers are looking forward to even advance apps.



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