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A glimpse of the value we delivered to our customers and their successful products

Engineering the Product Lifecycle for a Drone Inspection Software, Enabling AI Drone Inspection

The global drone surveillance technology market is projected to grow to USD 18.18 billion by 2025. As per the study from PwC, the adoption of drones in surveillance, across different industries has helped organizations with an annual cost savings of 50%.

This case study talks about Azilen's engagement with one of its clients for collaborative product development of drone inspection software for automated aerial inspection. Let's discover some details about this platform built with a purpose - airport runway surveillance powered by AI drone inspection.


Career Credentials are key to sustaining labor markets’ efficiencies and has enormous potential for individuals and businesses. As blockchain solutions in HR develop, we expect to see incredible new opportunities to leverage career data, further increasing its importance and value.

Career Profiling and Transitioning with AI- based Guided Platform

Azilen worked with one of its clients in the employee experience industry to develop a Career Profiling and Transition Platform through an AI-enabled guide engine. The aim was to address one of the key pain points of businesses, namely, providing Personalized Guidance and Mentoring.

Employee Recognition powered by Digital Rewards & Recognition platform

In the competitive talent market, employee retention plays a vital role to sustain the organizational talent needs. Recognition plays a vital role in keeping the workforce emotionally involved and engaged. As per EnterpriseAppsToday eye-opening employee recognition statistics for 2022, effective recognition programs reduce voluntary turnover in their organizations by 31% A digital strategy for running these recognition programs create a multi-fold impact.

Hire-Safe With Smart Background Checks

The customer based in US is a renowned employment screening provider operating in BGC industry for over 2 decades serving some of the fortune 1000 companies. Customer ideated an inventive concept to formulate an extensive BGC solution with automation at its core and adapting to all the latest trends, providing superior experience to employers and candidates.

Azilen, undertook this assignment to implement a coherent platform that functioned flawlessly supporting multiple stakeholders and BGC vendors. An optimum platform was designed that provides employers a holistic framework to manage the checks and at the same time providing a self-service platform for candidates to conduct their own BGC.

Financial Advisors Integrated Planning (IP) Platform

The client is a leading financial services provider assisting Financial Advisors with new and relevant tools. These tools holistically improve its end client’s asset management & estate planning experience.

The client collaborated with us owing to our rich experience in developing and deploying similar integrated solutions in the Financial Planning domain. Azilen, undertook this assignment to implement a coherent platform supporting multiple stakeholders and users on it.

Digital Recruitment Assistant

As of 2019, Recruitment & Staffing industry in the U.S. alone contributes to a total of 151.8 billion dollars. With the increasing demand for Talent, AI plays a vital role to automate the recruitment processes & discover new ways for Talent Hiring. Azilen being a proficient HR Tech innovator furnished a DRA (Digital Recruitment Assistant) that makes the complicated & time-consuming processes much simpler & faster. DRA aims to improve the overall candidate experience while reducing administration time and tasks for recruiters.

AI-Powered Employee Engagement

The customer based in the U.S. is a technology reformist serving over a thousand businesses to treasure their most valuable resource i.e. Employees. With a firm ambition to deliver collective intelligence across the organizations, the customer aims to provide an advanced solution that elevates the entire employee engagement experience.

Azilen commenced a strategic engagement with the customer to achieve an AI embraced solution to analyze the textual data and generate detailed insights to identity & categorize emerging organizational themes. This ultimately proved to drive better business decisions, open communication & higher engagement.

Digital Wallet For Cashless Micropayments

The Client is a South African veteran, providing banking & payments services to SMME's (Small, Medium & Micro Enterprises), banks & telcos. With a firm aim to accelerate the overall economic growth, the client ideated an innovative concept to revolutionize the current trend of Micropayment transactions.

Azilen engaged with the Client to devise a digital wallet service that allows secure micropayment settlements even without access to any banking service or smart device. This solution brings in full-fledged financial inclusion, intimately bound with social interactions and woven into everyday economic lives.

Redefine Recruitments With Smart Pre-Screening

The Client is U.S. based assessment technology innovator aiming to redefine the pre-screening process. An ultimate guide for enterprises to avail the most flexible, accurate, and productive tool for candidate evaluation.

Azilen collaborated with the Client to establish this technology-driven process for candidate assessments. With innovative methodologies including statistical validation, this tool incorporates a comprehensive screening procedure for quality hiring & talent management.

Buy Now Pay Later - Alternative Credit & Payments

The Customer based in South Africa is one of the leading digital banking solution providers with a deep background in financial services & payment technology. The customer aims to deliver a world-class payment solution that is superior & easily adaptable by consumers & merchants.

Azilen collaborated with the customer to build a state-of-the-art Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) payment system, feasible & integrable with any of the E-commerce stores. This solution brings in a payment revolution enabling the consumers to have an interest-free payment plan & merchants to boost their sales.

Fast Track Recruitment with Applicant Tracking System

The customer based in Canada is an innovation leader with 50+ years of experience in Talent Acquisition & tools around that. This tool provides state-of-the-art processes that empower organizations with efficient recruiting process, allowing recruiters to spend their valuable time placing top candidates.

Azilen collaborated with customer for complete modernization of the existing Applicant Tracking System with technology leap & renewed user experience as per industry standards. This led to an efficient recruitment process with optimized workflow and an intuitive, user-friendly and futuristic ATS.

Shopping Assistance for Mall Customers

The client based in the USA is a renowned digital experience specialist providing interactive wayfinding solutions to some of the largest shopping malls across North America. The client wanted to redefine the In-Mall experience of customers.

Azilen collaborated with the client to implement personalized mobile solution which malls can offer to collaborate stores and customers. From self-service wayfinding to promotions, the solution enables effective customer service and engagement.

Enterprise Workforce Management

The customer is a leading workforce management solution provider, with over 20+ years of experience. They offer end to end rostering solutions catering some of their most popular clients across the globe.

The customer collaborated with Azilen to revamp its legacy application to an advanced workforce management system.

Azilen undertook the assignment to rebuild the platform with latest UI / UX technology trends, and scalable enterprise platform catering to mid size to large segments.

Next - Gen POS for Retail Industry

The customer is a leading European major of Point of sale solutions for retail industry supporting the retail processes for 20 years. It offers wide range of enterprise business solutions which handle end to end process in retail and point of sale domain.

The customer collaborated with Azilen owing to our rich experience in developing and deploying global POS solutions. We engaged with the customer for innovating the complete point of sale operations in Retail stores with Latest technology trends, improving the overall in-store experience.

AI Driven Brand Visibility Analytics

Branding, advertising and promotions are an important part of the modern brand marketing strategy. To reach out to the maximum number of prospective customers, a brand's marketing department engages in several tactics and campaigns.

Churn Prediction Solution For BFSI Industry

Large banks, finance services and insurance firms manage lakhs of customers, who bring in thousands of crores worth of assets with them. It is essential for these businesses to engage customers by providing them with new products by upselling to existing customers or increase customer retention or acquire new customers to continue to generate more revenue. This makes machine learning the best weapon in the retention arsenal and churn prediction the most widely used big data use case.

Signature Verification Solution For BFSI Industry

Signature Verification is a task of determining whether a questioned signature matches known signature samples. Day in and day out, customers either drop cheques using drop box, or on cashier counter to pick up cash. These cheques are picked up periodically and submitted for clearing. This task involves checking if the cheque belongs to our bank, if yes, then get the account number, input the account number into the system and fetch customer details and signature sample. Next step involves manually inspecting the signature from the system against that found in the cheque. This procedure repeated over multiple times may cause burnout and can introduce manual error.

Advanced Talent Management Platform

A US-based company with 35 years of HR tech domain expertise and experience of delivering custom solutions for HR analytics, executive search and workforce management.

The company is committed to offering an extraordinary experience for employers and candidates alike and was seeking to build a next-gen recruitment platform for candidates and employers.

Sentiment Analysis Solution For employee Engagement

A Canadian company that provides SaaS based employee recognition solutions to boost employee engagement in modern enterprises.

The company is working in this domain for more than 100 years, having offered employee recognition solutions to global organizations with a workforce between 10000 to 85000 employees.

The solution provider was looking to revolutionize their employee recognition process with advance intelligence. With the same vision in mind, the client collaborated with Azilen to develop an intelligent sentiment analysis solution for its proprietary employee engagement platform.

Customer Service Chatbot For Shared Mobility Solutions

The client is a European technology company offering both software and services to automotive industry and enterprise level shared mobility solution providers.

The client wanted to develop a solution that can efficiently automate the responses to massive level of inquiries generated through various inquiry channels such as Website, mobile app, calls and emails.

Remote Controller for Neuroscience Device

The client is a Europe based globally well-respected healthcare product Development Company. With the intention of furnishing rehabilitation facilities to massive number of stroke patients, the client had ideated Neuroscience Devices to accelerate the recovery of patients

Customized Real Estate Management Solution using Microsoft Dynamics 365

The client is a renowned name in Europe as a well-respected Real Estate organization with massive clientele. The client was in need of an industry specific enterprise application that can handle end to end process of property administration in line with customer management and flawless internal communication. Industry related Legal Compliance Management was also supposed to be governed though the same application.

Recruitment Automation Solution With Validated Assessments

The client is a US based human resources service provider company with huge clientele from diversified industries. Their requirement was an end to end comprehensive unbiased automated assessment tool as a web and mobile application for performance-based and statistically validated assessments so that they can quickly identify and manage the real talent and hire the most suitable candidate using right data.

Cross Platform Mobile Application Using React Native For IoT Devices

The client is a Swiss company producing IoT devices for retail industry. The client was in need of a technology solution that enables the end user to access the real time data from the Footfall Sensing System without any technical interventions.

Mobile Device Activity Prevention Application Using React Native

The client is a Norway based IT company looking forward to have a potential technology partner for their proposed domain specific product called Mobile Device Activity Prevention Application for students.

Cognitive Assessment Solution

Cognitive assessment application was the ideation of a Canada based neurologist who developed a cognitive assessment application for electronic tablets especially designed for the clinicians which could assess mild cognitive dysfunction of the patient.

Different cognitive domains of the patient like attention & concentration, memory, language, executive functions, Visio constructional skills, conceptual thinking, calculations and orientation, could be assessed.

E-learning Application For Medical And Paramedical Students

The client is a German company focused on providing innovative educational technology tools to students of various medical and paramedical branches. The client was in need of a solution that effectively helps students in regular learning as well as exam oriented preparation.

Asset Management Solution Using RFID

The client is a leading aviation company of USA owning massive number of aircrafts scheduled for enormous flights. Preflight inspection in aircraft for obligatory assets such as life vests and oxygen canisters was a manual process keeping their ground crew personnel overblown for several hours before each flight takeoff followed tedious paper work and compliance record. Inability for utilizing utmost life cycle of assets was another concern.

Advanced Risk Management & Mitigation System

Client is a pioneer in industry that provides catastrophe risk modeling, real-time risk exposure and risk management through available live data, legacy data, assumptions and studies

Web-Based Platform to Manage and Automate Event Management Services

The UK-based client offers a comprehensive BI (Business Intelligence) solution to its customers, which are mainly event organizers and marketing managers. The approach to serve them is through different business intelligence techniques. The client helps their customers to achieve higher visitor attendance and better conversions from their events by providing various insights using cutting edge analytics algorithm. Customer organizes different paid as well as free-to-attend events for which our client provides a cloud-based platform to manage and automate event management using different types of services.

Enterprise Mobile Application for Real Estate

The client is a Europe base leading real estate developer with a vision of developing smart cities using state-of-the-art technological infrastructure. The client has real estate properties across Northern Europe and wishes to bring all the visitors, business owners, and residents of the area on the same online platform.

Enterprise Application for Smart Card Production Company

One of Europe's largest and oldest smart card production companies with more than 600 successful projects under belt. They provide full range of card services with primary focus on production and printing of plastic cards.

Cloud-based Next Generation Digital Menu

eMenu – the highly acclaimed tablet based menu, works seamlessly as a digital menu ordering solution, eliminating the time customers have to wait for placing orders to waiters. This cloud-based Electronic menu system has altogether changed the vista of dining experience for customers in Hotels, Cafés, Pubs, Bars and Airports. With its interactive touch screen menu on iOS or Android tablet present on each table or bar, it provides customers a complete range of informative Menu. Now customers can enjoy interacting with eMenu, with mouth-watering pictures of the cuisines, detailed descriptions and practically no waiting time! For the hospitality industry, eMenu has proven as a valuable business strategy, greatly benefitting business performance & profitability

Information Dissemination Platform through Multiple Devices

The client deals with software which could give result to various tasks such as distribution of messages or collecting valuable information from customers. Based in the US, the client implements the technique of content publishing as well as interaction platforms for tablets, digital screens at physical locations.

Further, client also spread its roots to the sectors like educations, survey collection, banking sectors, digital sector, marketing sectors and more. The concept of client is based upon cloud service platform, where it could control devices, content and interactions remotely.

Migrate Healthcare System to Liferay 6.2 from SharePoint

The client community was formed by combined groups of medics which includes group of health specialists, hospitals and patients.

With over 2,200 doctors and medical staff on board, this is one of the largest healthcare specialist organizations in health sector. The community exchange health information with a purpose to offer an optimum level of health care system entirely focusing on patient's health.

Stock Search Engine

The client is one of the leading stock brokers in United Kingdom. They provide a platform to their customers to sell funds, shares and other related products to the retail investors.

Mint- Web-based HRMS Solution for Business Organization

Mint is a web-based HRMS solution that helps HR team to keep complete track of employee information, right from employee’s joining till its relieving. It offers a wide range of features to the HR department that includes- Attendance capturing, Daily work log integration with project management tool, Educational, Personal and Professional details; Training calendars and Reporting to the respective project manager or HR. Moreover, the Mint HRMS application is accessible over internet and intranet platforms.

Enterprise Solutions for Hospitality Industry

Foodipto is an enterprise solution intended to replace the standard (paper) menu in restaurants with new, digital menu. Foodipto aims to make ordering for customers and operations for restaurant owners both fun and value delivering. Foodipto is an interactive touch screen menu, visualized on a iPad or Android tablet located on each table or bar, offering customers a full range of ordering and interactive entertainment services, it also has important administrative capabilities hosted on cloud server that enable you to easily incorporate existing company branding and workflow into a powerful food ordering platform. Foodipto enables you to drastically change your profitability and the way you serve customers. The application is focused on making the very best customer experience as possible. It does this through a highly intuitive, convenient and natural customer-facing interface. Foodipto offers the business owner flexibility and a stronger selling tool than a printed menu.

Enterprise Portal Solutions for Solution Seekers & Providers

This Nordic based service provider enables solution seeking organizations of any size to touch base innovators with their problems. Moreover, it also allows organization to explore challenges, request for proposal and needs of various companies in the fields like R&D and other operational areas. To keep it simple, it has established stage where the companies seeking solutions could interact with the companies providing relevant solutions. The organization with B2B and B2C business model are prominent users of this system to find or provide enterprise solution.

Warehouse Management System

The client is a major supplier of a comprehensive range of car parts and accessories from Scandinavia. The company’s main product is automobile body parts. In addition to body parts they also import extensions of car parts. Client’s preliminary focus is customer centric. They consider it a challenge to deliver quality goods to customer within time. Nevertheless, they add values by providing the utmost suggestions to customers.

Evidence Assessment & Capturing Solutions for Schools

The client’s primary focus is school-centric, and they have pledged themselves to deliver a high quality product to a range of educational providers, including Primary Schools and nurseries, Secondary Schools, International Schools and SEN settings. classNameroom Monitor is an online product and its main purpose is to give teachers an easy way to record pupils’ scores and targets, track their progress and record evidence of learning. The client also provides additional services, such as product training and professional development for

Agile Automated Regression Testing for Wealth Data Aggregation and Reporting

The client is one of the leading wealth management solution providers since more than a decade and serves solutions for wealth data aggregation and reporting for ultra-high-net-worth investors to financially affluent customers. They provide solution for complex wealth data aggregation, tailored reporting solutions and a high-touch investor service experience.

Digital Food Ordering Application

Spoonzo is B2C BYOD solution specially developed for Hospitality industry. It is aimed to replace paper menus with an interactive application for Restaurants, cafés, Pubs & Bars. Users with Spoonzo in their smart phones can get the entire menu of restaurant and much more, just by scanning QR code placed on the table. Spoonzo gives businesses the opportunity to increase market presence and directly connect with guests using mobile as a medium.

eCommerce Web Portal Solution for Automobile Industry

The client is one of the largest suppliers of the automobile spare part in Norway with office in Halden. The company services over 10,000 customers and ships over thousands of parcels across Norway every week. The client catalog consists of nearly 600,000 spares of more than 30 brands. The prime motive of the client was to offer B2B and B2C eCommerce platform for the customers and integrated with the company’s ERP system.

Return Process Automation Solution for eCommerce Store

Client is an ample sized supplier of the automobile spare parts in Europe serving over 10,000 wholesale and retail customers with massive catalog of nearly 600,000 spare parts of more than 30 brands. Client was in need of a solution to manage Return procedure of goods in an organized manner.

Employee Management System

The client is a Europe based leading IT company providing quality products and services successfully for more than 8 years.

Order Management Application for Waiter

The client was a software firm based in Europe which provided integrated software solutions and innovative order management systems for hospitality industry.

Smart Data Access System

One of Europe's largest and oldest smart card production companies with more than 600 successful projects under their belt. They provide full range of services with primary focus on manufacturing and sales of products like smart cards, photography tools to ID solutions and access control systems.

Magento eCommerce Webshop Application

Client is one of the leading trade company in Nordic. They distribute technical articles and tools (hardware tools & spare parts) for various industries and specialization in transmission. They provide various tools and import other technical articles. Client is having a big warehouse with huge storage capacity. Nonetheless, the client is holding a unique rack system to support the dailystock as a better way to satisfy customer needs as day to day activities.

Pliable Music App for Tutors and Learners

Client is a well-established domain expert dance mentor with prodigious group of committed students and followers. As the training was précised to particular dance style only, a domain centric distinctive mobile app was required to proffer extended services as access to euphonious top notch collective compositions to students and sub tutors located at various geographic locations helping them in convenient dance practice.

Financial Marketplace for Public Offerings

The new securities market has been growing at a tremendous pace all over the world. More than 450 Companies in the U.S. alone has raised about $70 Billion via IPOs (Initial Public Offering) in just 2020. With these growing trends, Azilen devised an FMP (Financial Marketplace for Public Offerings) that targets retail investors and brokers to easily & efficiently access new offerings, allowing companies to raise more capital with highest reach.

Digitized Golfing - A Bespoke Product Journey

Evolution within technology has improved the accuracy, enjoyment and experiences of both athletes and spectators at sporting events. For any sporting product, effective utilization and combination of physical and digital space leads to utmost success. Golf is one of such events where Azilen has paved its way through by implementing an innovative and engaging gaming platform with tailored product lifecycle.